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Crate Amp

CRATE Palomino V32 USA 1x12 Combo EL84 Tube AmpĀ 


CRATE STEALTH 100 Watt Tube Amp Head w/ Footswitch- Sounds / Looks Great + wty


70's Crate Model CR-1 15 Watt Solid State Amp


Crate Vintage Club 50 Tube Amp Stack with Original VC-50H 4x10 Speaker Cabinet


Crate VC 508 Amp


Crate BX-25 10" Combo Amp 27W (670)


CRATE GFX-212 120W 2x12" GUITAR COMBO AMP (MB1021132)


Crate, GTD-120 Guitar Amp Clean Overdrive High Gain Channels, No Effects


Crate XT-15R Guitar Amplifier 15 watt Practice Amp


Crate TX50DB Limo Street Busk Portable Guitar Amp TX 50 Watt BATTERY POWERED


Vintage Crate CR-45 Practice Amp with 2 Button Footswitch By SLM


*LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* Crate GT212 Guitar Combo Amp


Crate G1600XL Guitar Amp Head


Crate Gx-15 Guitar Amp






Excellent Condition Crate VFX5212 Billy Gibbons Tube Amp with Built in Effects


Crate Tube 2x12 Guitar Amp 5212VFX 50W With Footswitch


Crate Blue Voodoo BV-412S Slant Guitar Amp Cabinet 4 x 12 120 Watts Used Works


Crate GTX15 12W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp Product, Used


Vintage Crate G-60, 60 Watt Combo Amp


CRATE GX-20C Amp SLM Electronics 120 VAC 60 HZ 100Watts Max


Crate GX- 60C 2 x 10 Combo Amp! Chorus. Reverb. Very good shape!Distortion.Clean


Crate B80XL Amp Head


Crate DSP GFX-15 Practice Amp Amplifier


Crate GT65 Solid State Combo Amp 65W


Crate G80XL Combo Guitar Amp Amplifier. Celestion Equipped. Vintage


Crate CA30DG 30 watt Guitar Amp


Cool! Crate GX-212+ Guitar AMP 2x12 LOCAL PICK UP ONLY


Crate GLX212 GLX-212 Digital Guitar Amplifier Amp LOCAL NJ 07755


Crate Power Block CPB150 Powerblock 150W Guitar Amp Head 150 watt


Crate FlexWave 15 Guitar Combo Amp Amplifier. Upgraded with Blackstar Speaker!


CRATE Guitar Amplifier / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Model DXB-112 USA Made Guitar Amp


Crate Flex Solid State Amp Head Flex22h *143457


Terrific CRATE GLX65 amp. 3 channels incl. rhythm & lead. Effects. Mute function


Crate FlexWave Series FW65 65W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp W/3-Button Foot Switch


CRATE RFX-15 Retrofex Guitar Amp Amplifier 8" Speaker | 9 to 5 Pawn


Crate USA Made Palomino Series V32 Class A Tube Combo Amp


Palomino Guitar Amp


Crate GTX65 65-watt Guitar Combo Amp with switch pedal